All JPEG'ed Out

This past week has been unreal. Alerted to some digital photography issues with the EOS-1D, I’ve been analyzing and coding like a fiend since Wednesday evening. I’ve written up a couple of articles covering the rather interesting format of 1D “raw” JPEG images in my Photography Articles section of my web site. If you’re inclined to read up on JPEG, Exif, and IPTC, check them out.

When I’m in this mode, I can work for hours and days on end with almost no breaks. I barely sleep, and when I do, it’s only for a few hours before I wake up and begin the cycle again. Time and space cease to have meaning, and the days roll by like numbers at the gas pump. It’s a great feeling when you’re doing something worthwhile, but it often comes at the expense of your health and your social life. I’d rather be in that mode, however, than sitting in front of the TV or computer browsing the Internet all day long!

I’m working on my class book page for my upcoming 5-year College Reunion. Here’s what it looks like at the moment, though there will likely be a few more changes before I send it in. One of the boxes they have you fill out is what you’ve been doing for the past five years. How is one to compress five years of life into a small 7×5 box?!? In the end, I decided to put a nice big advertisement for the web site. Man, do I wish I had a camera when I was a student (save for my time in France)! So many photographic memories lost!

When I sent my EOS-1D for repair, I went back to my Leica M2. Loaded with Ilford XP2 400 Black and White film, I took 24 pictures over the course of the next several weeks. I just got back the photos from the developing house. Here are a few images that I especially liked.

I took the picture at the top of this page at the San Francisco International Airport when I picked up Randy. The little girl was dancing and prancing behind the security cordon. I guess no one thought she was a threat, but you never know these days, eh?

Ilford X2 has incredible dynamic range and contrast. I don’t know if I like the look or not, but it certainly makes the images pop out! The Leica is now loaded with Kodak T-Max 3200 film, which is ultra high speed and ultra grainy. I haven’t finished the roll of 36 yet, so those pictures will have to wait. I shot quite a bit with it at the Smurfy Brown performance the other week in Palo Alto. It will be interesting to compare the results with what the 1D produced that night.

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