The Walk-Ups

On Sunday night, I drove up to San Francisco to hear Michael’s band, the Walk-Ups, perform at the Tongue and Groove bar in Pacific Heights. The music for the evening started at 6:30, and there were three other bands playing before the Walk-Ups.

Michael, Teri, Ben, and Dave got started shortly after 10:00 pm and played a few numbers before the sound guy told them that they should finish up! Perhaps there was some noise ordinance in Pacific Heights, but the Walk-Ups had to walk down from the stage after a shortened set. Fortunately, they will be playing again at the Tongue and Groove the end of the month.

I met up with Deb, Rae, Susan, and more of Teri and Michael’s friends at the bar. I had a nice conversation with Diana and Carla about the world of photography, and I spoke with the booker, Barbara, about some potential upcoming band photography gigs.

Lighting was certainly better than the Smurfy Brown show in Palo Alto last month, but it was still challenging. My equipment and I, however, were up for the challenge.

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