Fridays at Five

This afternoon, Rae and I stopped by the offices of Beau Bonneau Casting in San Francisco. The agency had an open casting call for extras in the upcoming The Hulk movie by Ang Lee. “Don’t get me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry!”

Speaking of Marvel characters, there’s this giant blowup Spider-Man outside of the Sony Metreon. It’s pretty cool having Spider-Man crawling down the side of the building, no? The month of May is going to be a busy movie month for me. Spider-Man’s coming out on the 3rd, and Attack of the Clones will be opening on May 16! I dusted off my Boba Fett and Royal Imperial Guard cardboard cutouts from the closet this evening. Let the countdown to Episode II begin!

Around 5:00 pm, we went to the Fridays at Five at the 4th Street Studios. This is one kick-ass studio for multimedia production, from film to photography! I heard about this regular get together from Teri of The Walk-Ups. The studio certainly looks like a fun place to do photo and video shoots. We didn’t stay for the band that was playing later in the evening, but I’m sure the place is great for musical performances too!

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