This evening, I went bowling with Dardy, Mike, Rita, and their gang of friends at the Cambrian Bowl in San Jose. I don’t remember all of their names, but I do recall Jimmy, Dan, John, Nelson, Geoff, Grace, Paul, and Walter (anyone else that I’ve missed?). Though they’ve been bowling every Tuesday night for the past several months, this was the first time that I have went.

I have my own bowling ball and matching shoes, but I haven’t bowled in ages. I thought my bowling ball was blue, but when I pulled it out of the case, I noticed it was black. I hope that I didn’t accidently replace it with a different one the last time I went bowling! If so, oh well!

I scored a 91 and a 132 in the two games we played. In the final game, I got three strikes in a row to boost my score over 100! During that match, I made the switch from using my heavy, 16 pound ball to using Dardy’s relatively light 12 pound ball. Consistency is the key to getting a good score, as is the ability to get those crucial spares. I’d imagine the feeling of hitting a spare is like getting a crucial par putt. You didn’t get the birdie (i.e. strike), but you didn’t bogie (i.e. gutter or the inability to hit a spare) either.

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