Stanford Taiko

Stanford Taiko is holding SPRING CONCERT “x”, their tenth annual performance, this evening at Dinkelspiel Auditorium at Stanford. I went to their dress rehearsal last night to photograph the event, since cameras will not be allowed at the performance.

I remember Stanford Taiko used to practice in the A3C Ballroom when I was a student at Stanford. I remember there was a tall Asian guy named Dardy. I recall thinking to myself, “What kind of name is Dardy?!?” Dardy’s not in the Stanford taiko group these days, but he does help them from time to time. He asked if I would take some pictures for the group, and so here I was on Thursday night at 10:45 pm. Like most Stanford organized events, however, it started and ran late, but I think that the photos more than make up for the hours of sleep that I lost.

Talisman is performing with Taiko this evening. Though it sounds like a strange combination, a cappella and Taiko works surprisingly well. I got a nice animation of the double sword martial arts action during the performance. It’s just like what Anakin Skywalker does in the new Star Wars movie, eh? Only one more week! I will resist watching the bootlegs that have made their way onto the Internet!

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