Christy's Birthday Party

On Sunday, June 9, 2002, it was Christy’s turn to become 27. To celebrate her birthday, Christy and her friends — Dave, Tim, Pam, Debbie, Benedict, NaSun, Brad, Winston, Ed, Sherry, Travis, Melissa, Tina, Winnie, Victor, Ryan, and Howard — convened in Cupertino for an Italian potluck dinner and dessert party. We gorged on the yummy creations while watching the Lakers-Nets basketball game. The game was a little more exciting than the one on Friday night, but the end result remained the same: another Lakers’ win.

There were a number of ’97 graduates at the party. Our 5th Year Reunion is quickly approaching, and it’s got us thinking again that the undergraduate experience would be awesome if we were back in school as undergraduates. There’s no turning back the clock, unfortunately, so we’ll just have to be satisfied with our reunions and frequent visits back to the Farm.

I didn’t get as many questions about my cornrows as I did about my camera. People that have known me for a long time ignore me and my camera, but new people have yet to get used to the “gee, that’s a large camera” that I carry around with me.

It was neat meeting Howard and Ed, both of whom knew me from my web site. Either word’s getting around or people are using Google and coming across my site in their search for people with whom they went to school. Who needs and its annoying spam-mail when you have, right!?

Here are some random photos from the party:

After a number of people left the party, a bunch of us got down to business with playing Grand Theft Auto on Tim’s Playstation 2. I had heard a lot about this game, but I never played it until tonight. Man, that’s one fun game! If I wanted to spend my free time gaming, I’d pick up an XBox for Grand Theft Auto 3 and XBox for Halo!

For the movie trivia buffs out there, Christy shares the same birthday as Natalie Portman, who turned 21 today. Happy birthday, Christy and Natalie!

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