At Jon and Josh’s going away party on May 31, 2002, I was speaking with Natasha about changing my hairstyle, and she suggested getting some cornrows. I thought that was a great suggestion, and the two of us arranged my hair styling appointment for last night. Prior to her arrival, I did some research on cornrows on the Internet. I was surprised to find there were no pages about Asians with cornrows! What’s up with that? Give Google a few weeks to crawl through my web site, and I assure you that’s going to change!

Natasha and I watched the Lakers-Nets “basketbore” game while she transformed me from a long-haired Asian into an Asian Undercover Brother with cornrows. My hair has a slight wave to it, unlike most straight-haired Asian people, so it was easier for Natasha to braid the cornrows. We had fun along with Rae taking pictures and videotaping the event.

My hair has gone through several radical transformations over the past several years. It’s seen short hair, no hair, long hair, and finally cornrows! Next will be the Jedi Padawan look! Which do you like best?

There are more pictures from my cornrows hair styling appointment with Natasha. Check them out in the photo gallery below!

December 7, 2002: Ever since publishing this page on the Web, there has been a considerable amount of traffic. The response in general has been very appreciative and helpful. Thank you and keep on writing about your cornrows experience below!

Unfortunately, there are a number of people who continue to exist within a boxed world of exclusion and racism. That’s a shame, as this mindset prevents one from appreciating the wonderful gifts from different cultures.

18 thoughts on “Cornrows

  1. white nigga

    how long i must have a hair to make a cornrows ?? (in centimeters) I have a “long” hair and I must have a corrnovs !!
    Please help me…..

  2. Sophisticated Colleague

    Yea, you need help you ignorant fool. You can’t even talk straight, better yet type. He’s not a hair dresser. How do you expext him to know every little detail about how long does you have to be for cornrows and stuff like that! He just made this page to share his experiences with people, he didn’t say he is a hair expert! Your name is dumb and you are dumb.

  3. I was curious as to if you put any product in your hair as it was being put into cornrows to allow it to stay in longer because straight hair like ours tends to get the braids messed up easier

  4. black dragon

    quite simply at least 5 cm to braid into a row , that should be sufficent for a fake nigra

  5. ur hair has 2 be at least 10 cms

  6. Pony

    You’ve got the look down! Not everyone can pull it off; but those rows complement your face and head. I was probably the first non-Black male (I’m Irish/Cherokee) in the U.S. to publicly wear cornrows, around 1980. A photo of me appears in the book, “Basic Braiding for Beginners,” published in 1980 or ’81. Back then, white folks would taunt me, and some even threw rocks and bottles. Black folks seemed to think I was daring, and gave me lots of support. Today, 25 years later, I still wear cornrows, in a simple “NBA” style, 8 basic rows going straight back. It’s a warrior style for a man, and since I follow the Native American path, living as a warrior and a proud man is important to me. Yeah, it still gets a lot of attention, but I’d rather be noticed than just fade into the background. Don’t let the racists and haters bother you. You look good.

  7. Rizing Dragon

    Awesome. This is first time i seen a picture of an asian with cornrows done. and it looks great believe me. I myself am half asian (vietnamese/australian) and i am looking into getting my hair doen into cornrows. About a month or two and my hair should be long enough =). At least now i know im not the only asian daring enough to get a different cultures hairstyle, peace asian bruzz

  8. asian dude

    iam asian, how come i have afro?.. still bothering me… u cant say all asian have straight hair, asia is big ! iam from south asia, and most there have curly hair and few afro. i think most asian from far east have straight hair

  9. robin

    I gotta say, that takes you from pretty ordinary looking to massively hot. Kudos!

  10. Just ran across your photos during a “cornrow” search. Your hair looks tight!

  11. msj haole

    looks good man! i just got my hair put into rows, i love it.

    don’t listen to any idiots talking shit about race. i’m a white boy, total haole beachbum, and i don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about how my shit looks. it’s just hair! we all have it.

    aloha from hawaii. keep at it bro

  12. pham

    yo lov the hair man. i wana get mines done to.. i just started to grow it back. how long does the hair has to be to be braid and where can i go to get it done?

  13. Ruby

    Dude, a few years late on the commenting since I random’d across your site on a cornrow search, but you look absolutely awesome. I reckon cornrows suit Asian people, especially guys. Check out a picture of ‘Gackt – cornrows’ or ‘Gackt – diabolos tour pictures’ through google and you’ll see what I mean. Totally hot.

    I’m thinking of cornrows myself but as I’ve never had a shaved head before I don’t know if cornrows will look a bit dodgy. But man, they’d be fantastic to have…

  14. im cornrows in the morrning dose it hurt???

  15. Vadim

    Awesome hair! Read through the comments and i have to agree with Ruby… Asians with cornrows do look good (and you are an example of that too!)… personally i’ve decided to get them too! ( i admit i fell in love with gackt’s hair though ^^)

  16. Nice cornrow hair style, dude!
    It is very fashion!

  17. R

    BoA got cornrows..

  18. V-Sean

    I’mma Malaysian Chinese, and I really like cornrows too… But Malaysia secondary school won’t allow me to do that before I graduate, so I’m actually looking forward… But I have a few question about cornrows: Do Chinese boy’s hair suits for cornrows? Is it going to damage my hair if I’m going for a cornrows? How many years can a cornrows holds for? You know, I actually told my mum I wanted to get myself a cornrows, when I start getting in to my Hip Hop career… But my mum told me that we don’t own the hair like Africans, so it’s possible to hurt my hair, so till now I’m still having problem with that… If anyone here can answer my question, I appreciate that!

    PS: Taeyang from Big Bang wore a cornrows before!!!

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