Comings and Goings

The past, present, and future of Palm, Inc. gathered at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara this afternoon to bid farewell to Frank Canova, who’s leaving the handheld manufacturer. It was nice to talk with people from the company whom I haven’t seen in awhile, including Monty, Cherie, Phil M., and Chris D. The winds of change are a blowing in the handheld marketplace. I suspect within the next two years, we’re going to see a drastically different landscape than what we’ve been accustomed to in recent times. PDA’s are turning into phones and phones are gaining PDA-like features.

Phil M. was at the gathering, sporting a wedding ring. Turns out he got married last month to Katie. Congratulations, Phil! I wonder how many others from Disco Donner have tied the knot already. As I wrote yesterday, I guess we’ll find out at Reunion in October!

After the gathering at the Westin, I drove back home to have dinner with Vienna. Over a couple of “jung” sweet rice in bamboo leaves, we plotted our future plans and engaged in some photographic exploration using some spotlights that I have for my video work. Definitely fun stuff.

For the Fourth of July, I’ll be off to San Diego for the week. Should be fun catching up with old friends from the hometown, and I hear that Dardy and Eric will be there for the weekend. Cool!

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