Suzanne's Going Away Party

A number of Rae’s friends are from San Diego, and one of them is returning back to the hometown after several years in the Bay Area. On Friday night, we went to Suzanne’s place in Berkeley to wish her well on the eve of her departure. The last time that I was at Suzanne’s place was for Kai’s Bye Bye Party back in January.

Prior to heading up to Berkeley, Rae and I worked furiously getting our art pieces framed and ready for exhibit. We’re showing our work at the Chinese Cultural Center in San Francisco from August 16 to August 24 in the center’s GOT ART? exhibition. After several hours of cutting, matting, and framing, we delivered the pieces to the CCC just before they closed. Phew!

Afterwards, we hung out in Berkeley for a few hours, making sure to check out the Greek Theater at one end of campus. I’m thinking of using that location for an upcoming film project of mine.

Suzanne and Bart are both from the same San Diego suburb that I grew up in. I also found out that Bart and I went to the same elementary school! We were three years apart, but we did share some of the same teachers, including Mr. Fox! It was great fun to swap stories of the yummy tatertots, Mr. Kidd and Mr. Love, and more with him!

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