Michael's Birthday

Last year, we celebrated Michael’s 30th birthday at the Indian Oven restaurant in San Francisco. For his 31st birthday, Deb, Arwen, Dave, Keith, Teri, Rae, Susan, Petrice, Michelle, and I joined Mr. T at Mescolanza Pasta Pizzetta Dolce on Clement and 24th.

On the way to the restaurant, Rae and I saw the sign for a One Hour Photo store on Clement. The other day, we saw the Robin Williams’ film of the same name. We both enjoyed the film and found Williams’ portrayal of Seymour to be pretty chilling at times. The pursuit of truth and proof sometimes drives us to do things out of the ordinary. It all reminded me of a time when I was driving back from a night of dancing several years ago. Coming to a stop along Central Expressway, I felt like a running back faced with the split-second decision to go straight through the hole set by his blockers or to do a cut back. To the left lay the path homeward and to the right was a photo opportunity. Like the recently “retired” Terrell Davis (TD), I went to the right.

Sy made a good point in the movie when he was being questioned by Darryl Jenks himself! Sy mentions that if you were to look at someone’s photo albums, you would conclude that the person’s life was full of happiness and joy. The sad times and the bad times? Never happened! With that, here’s some pictures of the “little things” from the evening.

The linguine carbonara was surprisingly good, and the other people’s entrees that I sampled were equally yummy (like Susan’s potato thingys and Michelle’s pear pizza). It’s a good thing that I’m cycling a lot these days; if I kept eating these delectable, albeit heavy and fatty, foods, I’d inflate to Jabba proportions!

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