Judy in Japan

Right now, Judy is on a plane headed for Japan, where she’ll be working for the next several months. On Monday night, she held a going-away party at her place in Oakland. It was nice meeting some familiar faces in Mona and Vanessa, both of whom I haven’t seen in person in what seems like years. All four of us were in the same freshman class, and Judy and Mona lived in Serra House, which neighbored Donner House in the ever-lovely Stern Hall.

I enjoyed meeting Judy’s other friends, including co-workers Randy and Bart, Minako, Robert, and their daughter Sophie, See-Eng, Cary, and Vineet and Karishma (along with a few others who left early whose names escape me at the moment). Sophie was an especially cute little 11-month old, and she seemed happy when I played goo-chee-goo-chee-goo with her. Rae and I thought her pigtail was especially cute. A lot of babies seem to be sporting these mini-pigtails; is it the trendy thing to do?

Vineet and Karishma recently bought a Canon PowerShot S330 and have been taking pictures left and right during their trips to Taiwan and India. It’s their first camera, and I can see the joy and excitement in their eyes at the thought of documenting their travels and lives. Canon recently announced the PowerShot S230, a 3 megapixel version of the digital Elph; that should be a popular camera, but the one that I’m looking at closely is the Canon EOS-1Ds. Get this, an 11 megapixel CMOS-based SLR in the same body as the EOS-1D. 11 megapixels! All I can say is, wow! More news on that product will come on the eve of Photokina 2002 next week in Cologne, Germany.

Judy is bringing a digital camera to Japan, which means that Judy has to deal with being not only the photographer, but also the photographed! It’s been a long 5 years, but she finally consented to me taking a picture of her!

In other news, I got around to seeing my photographs that are on display over in Oakland’s Jack London Square, on the corner of Water and Washington Streets. It’s neat to see my work right in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. The display runs through September 23, so if you haven’t seen it yet, please do so!

Along the Oakland Bay, there are these large horse-looking metal structures. Rae tells me that George Lucas was inspired by them in creating his Imperial AT-AT Walkers for The Empire Strikes Back. Cool!

There are more pictures in the photo gallery. Click on the link below to see them!

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