Two new people were at the latest Stanford Newton User Group meeting in Palo Alto this evening. Paul and Melissa told me that they were at the Apple Store Grand Opening last year and saw me on the rooftop taking pictures! Furthermore, they mentioned that they were in one of my pictures! I’m thinking it’s this photo, where they are standing in front of the Apple employee with the wireless laptop, right?

Wayne showed off his modified iPod featuring an orange backlight. No, he didn’t replace the backlight on his MP3 player. He took a photographic gel (which you can buy from Keeble and Shucat next door to Printer’s Inc.), opened up his iPod, and carefully placed the precision cut gel between the lucite and the LCD. The modification makes it harder to read the iPod’s screen when the backlight is off, but oh the beautiful color when it’s activated!

In total, there were 12 people at the SNUG meeting tonight: Flash, Glen, Melissa, Paul, Rosie, Wayne, Greg, Sir Isaac, Randeep, Dave (whose birthday it was today), Peter, and myself. We’ve become more than a bunch of Silicon Valley self-professed nerds who sit around a table talking about a discontinued product. Over the 8+ years, we’ve become friends. Newton talk gives way to discussions on politics, health, world events, technology, and more. January 2003 will witness the 9th anniversary of SNUG. It should be fun!

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