How I’ve settled into surburbia! No longer the one who goes from door to door asking for trick-or-treats, I’m now relegated to the one who hands out candy and turns the house into an interesting locale for the neighborhood kids. I handed out Kit-Kats, Mounds, and Hersey Kisses, along with some Hershey chocolate bars and White Rabbit Candy.

I set up my life-sized Star Trek and Star Wars cardboard cut-outs outside of the place, along with my “scary” Halloween mat, which releases a piercing scream when you step on it. The kids didn’t seem overly scared by it, though.

Looking at all of the costumes, I concluded that we were much more inventive back in my childhood. Some of the kids’ costumes were nice, but some of the kids looked like they didn’t put anything on out of the ordinary! I did see a large amount of parents hovering along the streets with their children. Years ago, we would have gone out by ourselves. I guess the mass bombardment of media coverage on snipers, terrorists, and other unsavory criminals has got people thinking our streets are teeming with evildoers.

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