Salim's Birthday Party

Following Vienna’s performance at the Tower Records in Fremont, I headed to Straits Cafe in Palo Alto to attend Salim’s birthday party. Last year, we went to a similar restaurant, P.F. Changs in Sunnyvale, but my opinion on the Asian Fusion culinary concept remains the same. Why? The presentation of the food was top-notch, but there was something missing in the taste of the food. Though the nan and samosa’s were yummy, the Chinese-inspired dishes were not so good. Fortunately, the food wasn’t the main attraction at Straits!

May makes the coolest party gifts. Large green leaves adorned with gold inscribed names let us know where our seats were. The champagne glasses with the little candies were also a nice touch. I certainly see a future in the wedding planning business, May!

Here’s an assortment of photos from the evening. Happy Birthday, Salim!

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