Vienna at Eddie's Attic

Television studios are cool! This morning, we headed to the Fox 5 television station for a morning interview and performance. We when arrived, they were filming a segment on a group of junior Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders. I must admit that it was weird to see them performing live and on television at the same time. Their parents were all beaming with pride and joy watching them dance. Their red and black uniforms, however, bore the old Falcon’s logo, not the new, more menacing one.

As with the radio show a few days ago, the television interview and performance went by very quickly. We spent more time mingling with the staff after Vienna’s performance. It was fun to sit in the same seats as the news anchors as Jim snapped away with the camera. I have to admit that it would be cool to be a newscaster for a day or two!

Here are some more photos from the morning’s adventure at Fox 5.

In the evening, Vienna played at Eddie’s Attic. The performance was great, though it was marred ever so slightly by a happy drunk in the front row, who insisted on clapping and snapping his fingers to no end during Vienna’s songs. At first, everyone didn’t mind his enthusiasm, but they quickly turned on him when he clapped and snapped at inappropriate times during her songs. Fortunately, Vienna didn’t have to break out her rendition of the Ultimate Fighting Championship theme song during the evening.

The crowd stayed late following her performance, with Vienna signing tons of autographs and posing for photos with fans and well-wishers. Here’s a sampling of images from the evening.

There are a few more photos in the photo gallery below!

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