Santa Cruz

I’m glad that John is up in the Bay Area for work several days out of the week, as it gives us the opportunity to hang out and wax philosophic about life over dinner. Tonight we ventured to Aquis, a Mexican restaurant in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. One thing that struck me while sitting in the outdoor eating area — aside from the bird that crapped into our hummus salsa dip — was everyone was white. Aside from one older Asian women sitting a few tables across from us, we were the only other Asians around. I read an article recently that put the Asian population at 11 million, or 4% of the U.S. population. That couldn’t be, I thought to myself. It is, however, and it’s the fact that we live in the ethnically diverse Bay Area that skews my thinking on the subject.

I don’t recall noticing this fact when Vienna and I were travelling along the East Coast and the South during her tour in April. Maybe I just wasn’t looking or observing enough. Dunno.

John had never been to Santa Cruz, so we hit the 17 to downtown and the Boardwalk. The evening fog rolled over the mountains as we crossed into Santa Cruz, so we were unable to see the sun set. On Sunday, John’s off for several weeks in Europe. He’s going to drive with two of his friends to Normandy once they arrive at CDG. That’s gonna be a trip to see the monuments there. I recently finished watching Band of Brothers, which was a great series. The DVD is out in case you missed the airing on HBO last year.

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