Hyphen Release Party

Last night, I drove up to the City with Susan and Rae to the Hyphen Magazine Release Party at Club Bas in North Beach. Hyphen Magazine: Asian America Unabridged, is a “news and culture magazine that illuminates Asian America through hard-hitting investigative features on the cultural and political trends shaping the fastest growing ethnic population in America.”

As a sidenote to all Blair Hornstine’s out there, don’t forget to cite your references!

The cover to Hyphen’s inaugural issue has a street sign with the words, “Welcome to Asian America Pop 11 Million.” I had thought that the sign was digitally added, but they actually had a real sign made or bought standing on the dance floor. A few days ago, I had written about my surprise to find out that there were only 11 million Asians in America; I had erroneously thought that Asians comprised a larger percentage of the population.

There were a surprising number of people that I knew at the party and club. Half of the people at Club Bas seemed to have some connection to Hyphen — they knew a staff member, for instance — but the other half were just normal City club goers on this Saturday evening. I ran into my cousin, Janel, Stanford classmates in Yuji, Dan (or Dave?), and Seth, Cristina, Scott, Nancy, Dave, Jay, and a few others. There were a lot of photographers at the club, no doubt to document the release party. People on Hyphen staff kept coming up to me asking if I was the official photographer for the evening. Nah, I just carry this giant camera with me everywhere I go!

There is a downside to lugging the 1D, however. I wasn’t able to get much dancing with Susan and Rae while carrying it! Next time I go clubbing, I’ll be sure to leave the camera at home. In the meantime, however, here are photos from Saturday evening.

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