Vandalism, Malfunctions, and Sushi

Cupertino’s quickly becoming quite the ghetto. A few days ago, a car alongside our house was hit by an errant five pound rock right through the rear windshield. A couple of days later, eggs were tossed late in the evening, hitting four cars along our block. Eggs can easily be dealt with, but a broken rear window is going to cost money and time. Sigh. The officer who took my report said that at least three other cars’ windows were broken the same night. Sigh.

Today, my Apple Pro Mouse decided to stop working. It’s been acting erratically lately, refusing to send its signals back to the computer. Using the power of Google, I found out that the cable at the cable/mouse junction sometimes get frayed, leaving you with a useless mouse (unless you opt for mouse surgery).

Fortunately, I have a rarely used Wacom tablet at the house which I can use temporarily as a mouse. It takes some getting used to, but it will have to suffice until I find a new mouse, preferably an optical, cordless mouse with a scroll wheel and two buttons.

Dardy took me out to dinner tonight at Fuki Sushi, an upscale Japanese restaurant in Palo Alto. Nearly two years ago, I wrote a Journal entry where I likened him to Chow Yun Fat. Once Google crawled my page, it set the stage for Dardy to become an official Chow Yun Fat impersonator! To thank me for the referral, he treated me to an “gorgelicious” feast of sushi. Tonight, I didn’t have to balance between quantity and quality; I could have them both! Yummy, yummy for my tummy! Thanks, Dardy!

Speaking of Google, I ran into an old French House resident at Fuki Sushi, Max Erstein! It’s been years since I’ve seen him in person… probably when we were living in the French House together. Max is at our favorite search engine company working with the premium Ad Words business. Cool deal!

Dardy mentioned that his hair was growing out, looking like Eric’s new hairstyle. Apparently, he didn’t see the latest photo of Eric’s new do. Smoking!

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