Odessa Chen

Odessa Chen performed at Eric’s in San Francisco on Saturday evening. This might be the last time that I attend a musical performance at Eric’s in the forseeable future, as he has left for his year of nomadic adventures around the world.

There were a few new faces at the performance tonight, including Chester, Carmela, Joanne and Mark (I think that was his name), Michael (with Sophia), and Gabe. Actually, I think that I’ve met Gabe once before, but I don’t seem to remember exactly when. Vienna, Jim, Jeremy, Victor and Athena (COBA), Dave (COBA), Wendy, and Bill rounded out the guests that I knew. I enjoyed speaking with Carmela, who’s a frequent visitor of tow.com. I haven’t had that many “noticed you on the street the other day” moments, though Carmela mentioned that she has seen me along the streets of Palo Alto several times in the past. If anyone ever sees me on the streets, don’t hesitate to say hello! I don’t bite (yet)!

Some photos from the evening. I used Eric’s 10D for much of the night. Photos from that camera can be found on his web site.

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