Flash and Olga

I’ve known Flash since the early days of the Stanford Newton User Group. When I heard that he got engaged to Olga, I remember saying to myself, “Woo hoo!” Flash held a party with his friends at his place in Palo Alto on the 27th of September to celebrate the engagement. I saw some old faces that I hadn’t seen in a long time, including Kenneth Albanowski (used to work with him at Palm), Zander and Rebecca, and Glen (though I see him more frequently at SNUG meetings). I met Zander’s parents as well as Christopher and Olga, along with their children, Timmy and Nicholas. They were playing with their GameBoy’s nearly the entire night, and it was interesting to play some of those games. When I was growing up, we didn’t have such advanced pocket-sized gaming consoles! Now, the games are coming out on your phone!

Overheard a discussion with Chris and Ken about Leapfrog, makers of educational toys. It was interesting to note because a few days later at a DVF Seminar, Steve Wilhelm mentioned Leapfrog in his presentation. I was searching through my brain for where I heard that name Leapfrog until I remembered the party. I need an application which can collect my thoughts in one place and allow me to search and make relations between these thoughts. Hmm…

Photos from the evening. Congratulations, Flash and Olga!

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