Full Moon on the Quad

Full Moon on the Quad is an annual Stanford tradition whereby freshman kiss seniors (and vice versa) on an evening with a full moon in Main Quad. For some reason or another, both as a freshman and senior at Stanford, I never went to FMOTQ. I was probably too shy as a freshman, and as a senior… hmm… I don’t remember why I didn’t go! Silly me at the time!

But ah, that was then and this is now. With my camera and Daily duties, I had more than enough reasons to go this year! Along with Chris, Jake, Helen and Camilla from the Stanford Daily, I attended Full Moon on the Quad for the first time. Man, were there a lot of people, but where was the kissing? I some a few people doing the deed, but not as many as I was led to believe. I guess the freshman were too shy and the seniors not agressive enough.

Update: Woo hoo! I got my first photos published in the Daily! The October 10, 2003 edition has the picture of Robby and Stacy (shhh, they’re really a junior and sophomore!) kissing on the front page and a shot of the ambulance on the back page. There’s another photo that’s wrongly attributed to me. Either Chris or Jake took that photo, which is a really nice shot of two people kissing with red light streaming from behind them.

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