Mirrielees Reunion

Stanford Reunion was this past weekend. I attended my fifth-year reunion last year and had a blast. This year, the only event that I attended was Garry Grundy’s Mirrielees Reunion party at Mirrielees. Garry and I go way back to my time studying abroad in Paris, France. I was a junior, while Garry was a sophomore. I always remember him wearing his faded Arizona/Phoenix Cardinals football cap, along with this brown leather jacket. I also remember going to Chicago Meat Packers for some late night grub in Paris with Garry and the gang. Yes, fun times indeed were had in Paris. Today, Garry’s in his second year at Harvard Law. Like at Stanford, I bet everyone on campus knows the name, Garry Grundy!

Osvaldo was bringing the tunes to the party, with the help of Mark and Daniel. We’ll be hosting another party at Clubertino in a couple of weeks, where I’ll return to my role as the Miami Vice-roy.

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