Sun Executive Briefing Center Tour

DVF Fellow, Michelle Aden, arranged for the group to have a tour of Sun Executive Briefing Center in Menlo Park on Tuesday. The first thing I thought of when I walked through their briefing showroom was, “Man, they spent a lot designing this place!” Demos and prototypes of various technologies and projects adorned the room. We had fun playing with the RFID technology being incorporated into the packaging of various consumer products. These small radio tags can be scanned by sensors more efficiently than can be done using bar code scanners since line-of-sight is no longer needed. Raphael was especially interested in the demo, as his project involves using RFID tags to track livestock in Kenya.

The Sun Ray terminals are rather interesting. I like the idea of being able to plug a card into a terminal and have your entire desktop appear before your eyes. Unfortunately, the technology requires at least DSL speeds. This certainly wouldn’t work with a 1.5 Kb connection that Edgardo will be using for his project!

In other news, Segeni pointed me out to this very addictive game on the Internet. Apparently, some form of this game has been played for centuries across the globe. There’s a mathematical secret to winning the game. If you give up, do a search on Google for some tips!

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