Monterey Bay Aquarium

I was supposed to cycle with Stuart and Amy around 1:30 pm, but they were running a little late leaving the office. As a result, I rode the few miles to the downtown area in Monterey. When the aquarium came within view, I said to myself, “Wait a second! That’s the Cetacean Institute from Star Trek IV!” Sure enough, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is where they filmed scenes of the fictional Sausalito Cetacean Institute. As I had to get back to ride with Stu and Amy, I didn’t get to go into the aquarium on Friday afternoon.

At the conclusion of the DV Offsite on Saturday, I found myself with an afternoon waiting to be spent! Instead of driving back home, I drove back to the aquarium. A couple of things that I noticed included:

  • There were a lot of kids at the aquarium with their parents.
  • A lot of people had digital cameras.
  • Some even had digital SLR’s.
  • People can’t read the sign that says no flash photography (in certain areas).

I couldn’t help but think, “Man, Eric must have a lot of fun diving,” while looking at all of these marine creatures. He keeps encouraging me to get certified. One day, I will do it! I just have to get over my fear of the ocean, a fear that began when I was sucked into a seaweed cave back in 7th grade. That near drowning experience has kept me away from the ocean for a long, long time.

There weren’t any whales at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but there were plenty of other things to photograph.

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