Last Thursday, I had lunch with Oliver and Leighton at Seto Sushi in Sunnyvale. A photo that I took of their company is in the December 2003 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. Centerscore is listed as one of their hot companies in Mobile Gaming. If you’re enjoying mobile gaming on your cell phone, you have Centerscore to thank!

Stupid Stanford lost to Cal in the latest Big Game this weekend. Rae and I were up in Berkeley during the game, which featured 7 fumbles by Cal. If your defense is causing that much havoc, your offense has got to pick it up. Stanford’s offense didn’t, and the end result is a two-game losing streak to the Bears. While driving on Shattuck, we saw Loren and Suzie crossing the street. I was able to yell their name and wave back to them, but the light changed and we were driving across the intersection. Fortunately, they recognized who was yelling their names and waved back!

Rae and I had dinner with Edna and Erik at Cafe Colucci on Telegraph and Alcatraz. There are a number of Ethiopian Restaurants in Berkeley, including Blue Nile and Red Sea. As expected, the food was yummy, yummy for our tummies.

There were a few dancing performances at White Plaza today at Stanford. I didn’t recognize the first group, but the second group was the Cardinal Whirlwinds, a square dancing troupe formed last year by Junior Caitlin Kline. Do-Si-Do! Face your partner!

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