Esther Dyson

Esther Dyson, Chairman of Edventure Holdings and tech luminary, paid a visit to the Digital Vision Program on her way to the Churchill Club. The Thursday seminars (which are usually open to the public) are really quite amazing when you look at the people who have come, such as Larry Lessig of Creative Commons, Claude Leglise of Intel Capital, Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and John Cioffi (who designed DSL). These individuals are the movers and shakers in the technology industry, and the opportunity to speak directly to them is fantastic!

The Fellows are now moving in the phase of project development, after having spent the past several months identifying needs. I’m anxious to continue development on my project, which is focused on development a platform for delivering Internet applications and information across a broad range of devices, including phones, handhelds, and desktop computers. We’ve been experimenting with Ovolab’s Phlink and think that it’s a great product with which to develop voice application prototypes. The developers of Phlink are hard at work on the next revision to the product and the new features they have been adding look really promising. I can’t wait to get it integrated with Soybo!

Earlier in the day, Tino, Steve, Edgardo, and I went to a new Vietnamese restaurant in Los Altos, Pho Vi Hoa. It’s pretty clear that the restaurant has been open for only the past three weeks. The service is a bit inconsistent and the food quality is so-so. One of the people sitting next to us didn’t even get his order! All said, give them a few more months to iron out the kinks, and they should be fine. I did find the prices to be a little on the high side for Vietnamese food, but what do you expect in Los Altos? One of the waitresses there recognized me from her days over at Pho Hoa in Mountain View’s Castro Street!

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