Petrice's Birthday

Rae, Susan, and I were up in Berkeley/Oakland last night to celebrate Petrice’s birthday, which happened to coincide with Chinese New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy! The Year of the Monkey began with a trip to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Jack London Square. There were three people celebrating their birthday at the restaurant, a 7-year old girl named Alice and an “18-year old” named Darrell.

The food there wasn’t that bad, but the portions were so small! It’s probably for the best, since I don’t want to gorge too much, lest (yes, here comes Adam’s obligatory elephant seal quote) I bloat up like an elephant seal. After a few months of inactivity, I’ve begun the long road back to fitness. I started cycling the other day, and I’ve been doing pull-ups for the past several weeks. I can now do 11 pull-ups in a row! I hear Amabelle’s SO won this pull-up contest by doing 31 pull-ups. Geez! I wonder how many I could do after losing 10 pounds… hmm…

The Dark Is Rising. Does anyone remember this book from way back when? I seem to recall reading this fantasy series when I was a kid or in junior high school. If it’s the same book, it was one of my favorite books from my childhood! I’m going to have to see by checking it out at the local library. Something about the name, The Dark Is Rising and Susan Cooper rings a bell. I know that the memories are locked up in my head somewhere… how can I unlock their secrets!

I got a ride up to Oakland from Brij following our Fellowship seminar. From there, I took the BART to Berkeley where Rae picked me up and drove to Petrice’s. It’s good that we only drove one car; I was exhausted at the end of the evening! I slept pretty much our entire way back to Stanford; thanks, Rae!

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