Weekend Events

Here are some photos that I took over the weekend. On Saturday, Rae and I went up to Vista Point along Highway 280. We’ve both driven by the exit (actually, there are two of them in between Edgewood and Highway 92), but we’ve never stopped to see what it’s all about. The view isn’t earth-shattering, but it is nice. I had forgotten my allen wrench, so I had to hold my breath when I mounted the 70-200 and 1D combo on my tripod using the 1D’s tripod mount. What I don’t get is why tripod mounts are so expensive; after all, they’re just pieces of machined-metal!

We saw Touching the Void, the docudrama about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates famous climb up… and down Siula Grande in Peru. This movie blows away every climbing movie I’ve seen in the theaters thus far (though it’s not hard to beat things like K2, Cliffhanger, and Vertical Limit). As other reviewers have mentioned, even though you know that Simpson and Yates survive, the movie keeps you in suspense because you don’t know how they survive. I highly recommend seeing Touching the Void!

On Sunday, we had brunch with Joe and his sister Jessica, who was visiting from New York. We dined at the Peninsula Creamery in Palo Alto, just a few blocks away from Cafe Renaissance where I had lunch with Dan Kim the week prior.

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