Poker Night

We had our first poker night at Carolyn and Ron’s place in Sunnyvale on Friday the 13th. It was a nightmare for me, as I lost my money around midnight. Siu had been eliminated earlier in the evening, so at least I had company. Bryan, Carolyn, Joon-Mo, and Randy duked it out for the next three hours before everyone decided to call it a game, with Carolyn winning the lion’s share.

Randy and I both dressed up, and Bryan and Siu brought their players’ sunglasses. Thanks to Carolyn and Ron for hosting the event and for bringing the delectable goodies!

Check out our player profiles!

Adam/Elsa Bryan Carolyn Joon-Mo Landy Siu

Adam/Elsa T.: Dual personalities. Opponents never know which one will show up to the table. However, both should be approached with extreme caution when the cards are out.

Bryan T: From the world of xtreme sports and massive multiplayer online gaming, Bryan uses his aggressive risky style of play to dominate big tables.

Carolyn K.: Her parents taught her when she was young, and now she is playing for two. Former opponents says she is the nicest person they lost all their money too.

Joon-Mo O.: The master of language. Bluffing with a Russian accent. Raising with a Singapore accent. Collecting your money with a Vietnamese accent. Watch your tongue around this one.

Landy R.: After a failed career on the professional craps table circuit. Randy is hoping to make a name for himself at the poker table. He still flinches every time he sees a 7 card.

Siu Y.: New to the tour. She has climbed quickly up the ranks with her combination of moxie and mathematics. Gossip columns have romantically linked her with the unpredictable Bryan T.

1 thought on “Poker Night

  1. lol, it does suck when you lose all your money but it’s fun while it lasts isn’t it?

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