The recent storm in the Bay Area has been pretty bad. No, it’s not as bad as the one I drove through with Vienna and Jim on tour in Tennessee last year, but it’s close. The image you see is an overturned pickup truck on Highway 101. What you don’t see behind it is a green sports car whose front is caved in and which is facing the opposite direction. The two cars must have clipped each other, letting nature and physics take over.

When I arrived on campus, I parked in the lot across the street from our office. I felt fortunate to grab one of the last spots in the lot. Hours later when I came to the car to leave, I realized why that spot was open. It was a fricking A spot! Due to the recent construction on our side of campus, Stanford parking changed some C parking spots in A parking spots. Sitting on my dashboard, still dry from the lack of rain in the afternoon, was a nice parking ticket. Damn! I hate parking tickets! And, I hate the fact that I could have prevented all of this by looking up at the fricking A permit sign!

In other news, Raphael just received his Tek RFID Palm attachment. The Palm handheld that was bundled with the reader was an i705. Hah! I wrote some of the client software that’s burned onto the ROM of that device! We were testing the reader and Palm combo and came to the conclusion that the marriage between a Palm and an RFID reader has a ways to go. Symbol has been unusually quiet on the RFID front as of late. An Symbol-branded Palm device with an integrated RFID reader (GPS would be a plus) would be ideal for Raphael’s livestock tracking project. Any readers out there have experience with RFID and handhelds? Let us know!

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