I had lunch the other day with Dardy and Mr. Syndromes at Los Charros in Mountain View. As usual, Dardy and I ordered the scrumptious wet burritos with fried carnitas. Being a vegetarian, Syndromes got the the veggie burrito. I hope that Los Charros doesn’t go out of business, because they make some really good burritos! There are a number of places that have closed recently on or near Castro Street, including Global Village Cafe, Maharaja (to be replaced by Chef Liu’s, which was a few doors down), and the Lime Light.

It’s always an experience meeting an online personality for the first time. We have the familiarity from reading each other’s blogs and comments or from knowing what they look like in photos. Still, that familiarity might quickly disappear once you meet in person. Fortunately, syndromes was as cool as he is honest on his web site. I admire the two of them for being so honest and upfront on their blogs. I’ve kept things relatively innocuous on my site, never straying too far into controversial or taboo subjects. That may change ever so slightly once I switch over to a better blogging system than the custom one I’m using now. The system I use now doesn’t lend itself well to posting random thoughts.

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