Doctor Air

And now for something completely different…

I’m taking Art 174: Digital Art in Public Spaces this quarter. We’re investigating the use of digital media in, you guessed it, public spaces. We’ve taken a look at artists such as Matthieu Laurette, Marc Horowitz and Jon Brumit, M.River and T.Whid Art Associates, and Temporary Services. Much of the work that we focused on centered on public interventions, something I would ordinarily not consider as being art. I’ve always thought that art was something hung on the wall or viewed at a gallery. Having shot dozens of dance performances over the past few years, I’ve come to associate ephemeral, time-based performances as art. Seen in this light (slightly tilted, of course), the public interventions undertaken and documented by these artists can be categorized as art.

On (Good) Friday, I assumed the identity of Doctor Air, the provider of free air pumping services for the Stanford Community. I used a number of methods to attract the attention of cyclists riding through Stanford’s White Plaza, a place known for high bicycle traffic. A number of students simply rode by me, declining my request to fill air up in their wheels with phrases such as, “I’m late for class!” or “Nah, my tires are fine,” or “No.” Fortunately, there were an equal number of students who were willing to have their tire pressure checked.

I’ll have a video of the project up soon. In the meantime, enjoy the photos! Remember, “Free Air Does Your Bike Good!”

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