Trevor's Going Away Lunch

After several years of living in sunny California, Trevor and his family are returning to Ottawa, Canada. I first met Trevor when I joined Palm back in 2000. We were all in the same Palm.Net group (a.k.a Content and Access). Four years later, there’s only a handful of people left in the group. Everyone has gone off in different directions (or to eBay!).

We went to the Chevy’s next to Santana Row in San Jose for lunch. As one would expect, the food was mediocre, but the conversation was great! We’re going to miss you, Julie, and Curtis, Trevor! Get a webcam so I can be Uncle Adam for Curtis in Ottawa! He’s going to grow up resistant to the cold, thanks to the frigid Canadian Winters!

The reason for the long delay in posts is because I’ve been incredibly busy with work at the Fellowship. The past 8 months have gone by so quickly. It’s amazing to think that we only have 1 more month together! I’ve made life-long friends in this program. It’s been a great year!

Photos from the past several days, many of which were taken with the new Canon EOS-1D Mark II. To say it’s a nice camera is an understatement. More about the Mark II in future posts!

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