Flora and Eric

The wedding train continues to pick up new passengers! Last week, Rae and I attended the wedding of Eric and Flora at the Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa, California. The Rotten Tomatoes and Cal Wushu crew were all there for the festivities, including Anne Hsu, a fellow Stanford alum whom I haven’t seen in several years. The ceremony was held on a lawn overlooking the vineyards and golf course. The contrast was sharp — old white guys playing golf and dressed-up Asian people for a wedding!

Wind sure is a pain during the wedding; Flora’s veil kept whipping around Eric and her throughout the ceremony. The ring bearer did his job to straighten and smooth things out on her dress whenever he could.

I really enjoyed the movie presentations by Brandon and Spencer. Eric’s brother sure has a way with words and photos, demonstrated by his hilarious comments on Eric’s early interest in martial arts, robots, and space (that Chewbacca outfit was great!). Brandon’s video interview was a great way to involve Eric and Flora’s friends and to educate us on their shared history.

I shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised by the number of digital cameras at the wedding. John Joh was sporting his new D100, Lyle had his 10D (his fiancee also had a D100, I think), and Wilson was using his D60. The official photogs were shooting with Nikon film cameras; I’m not sure if they were sporting digital rigs as well. The Mark II performed very well throughout the evening. The resolution increase over the 1D is noticeable in the ceremony shots of Flora’s veil. The 1D’s images would have exhibited moire artifacts that weren’t present in the Mark II’s photos. Flash performance was also quite good with the new camera.

There was an incredible amount of documentation created at the wedding. Here are my photos; everyone else, where’s yours?

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