Leslie and Will

Catching up on some photos from the past several weeks. On June 19, I attended the wedding of my friends, Leslie and Will. I know Leslie from my days over at Palm. If Leslie and Will look familiar, perhaps it’s because you saw them on The Learning Channel’s Perfect Proposal!

The ceremony was held in Sausalito and the reception in the Presidio. It’s been some time since I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge; each time I’m reminded of the Peninsula’s beauty; let’s hope the Golden Gate doesn’t fall into the ocean during the next Big One as it did in 10.5!

Leslie and Will got to ride to the reception in style… a lovely Rolls-Royce loaned to them that day by their dance instructor. I’ve driven once before in a Bentley (basically the same things as a Rolls except for the nameplate), and it was very, very nice. Sure, I’d like to have a few myself in the garage!

Photos from the wedding. Congratulations, Leslie and Will!

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