SNUG June 2004 Meeting

The Worldwide Newton Conference is being held in a couple of months in Paris, France. I’m tempted to go, seeing that I’ll be in London the last week in August. I should just stick around in England and France that week, go to the conference and head back to the States after September 6th. Super Newton programmer Paul Guyot is organizing the conference with a number of rapid Newton users. I’ve heard that Larry Yeager (Rosetta recognizer) and Walter Smith (NewtonScript) are planning on going.

Lunatic’s going to be in London during that time as well, and we all encouraged him to stop by Paris for the conference. “But I’m going with friends!” he told us, to which I said, “Ditch them! This is a direct order from the President of SNUG! You wouldn’t disregard a direct order from the President, would you?!?”

Yeah, Paris would be great in August/September. Man, it’s been 4 years since I’ve been in France and 9 years since I was there for my junior year abroad! Greg brought his 7-year old son, Devon, to the SNUG meeting. The Newton is as old as or older than Devon!

Was testing my camera the other day for front-focusing issues. I’m still not convinced that front-focusing is an issue with Canon cameras and lenses; at f/2.8, your depth of field isn’t going to be pretty shallow. If anything, it’s my eyes which are failing me, not my camera and lenses!

Newton owners, what do you think I should do? Should I go to the Worldwide Newton Conference or not? Let’s hear your thoughts!

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