I’m leaving for Europe this afternoon for a month of vacation followed by an appearance and presentation at the first World Wide Newton Conference. My talk will center around my personal history with Newton. It will cover my introduction to the original MessagePad as a college freshman in 1993, the creation of Foundation Systems in my dorm room, the Newton protest I organized days after the product’s cancellation in February, 1998, and the Newton’s renaissance in recent years.

Before that, however, I’m off to vacation on a cruise to Scandinavia and Russia. We’ll be embarking on a 12-night cruise through the Baltic Sea. I’ve never been to Northern Europe, and I’m very much looking forward to it. Following the cruise, Rae and I will travel from England to France, where we’ll be hanging out in Paris, the City of Lights.

Here are some photos from various places over the past several weeks, including watching the Lion King in San Francisco, meeting Raja (former Palm co-worker of mine) at the Cupertino Post Office, cooking yummy food for Randy and Rae, celebrating birthdays with Supriya and her fiancé Mitchell, gorging on Korean food with Phil, Randy, and Rae, the COBA Sensor Cleaning and Noise Reduction seminar, processing wedding photos, and helping out at the DVF Offices in Stanford.

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