Apple Expo Paris

Going through 3200+ images and finding the best ones to tell my European story is taking longer than I expected. I really dislike going through page after page of thumbnails and images. I’ve filtered down to about 1000 images. My goal is to have several hundred to share with you in the next day or so.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the Apple Expo in Paris, France. Phil Schiller introduced the new G5 iMac to the Apple Faithful at this conference. When I first saw it, I immediately thought “Ugh, a flattened eMac.” Up close, however, the iMac is a little more attractive. It is pretty amazing that they’ve fit everything into a 2-inch enclosure. Give it another year or two, and I think they’ll manage to fit all the components without the need for the bezel below the LCD display. Once that happens, the display will truly become the computer.

All that said, where can Apple go in the future with the design of iMac? I’m wondering whether or not Apple has painted itself in a corner where it can no longer innovate on the design of the all-in-one computer. There’s nothing left to the “computer” except for the display now. I’m curious to see in a few years what they come up with for the G6 or G7 iMac.

Epson had a R-D1 digital camera on display at the show. The R-D1 is the first digital rangefinder camera with a large imaging sensor. I spoke with someone who had used it, and he said that it’s pretty sweet. The camera goes from ISO100-1600 and takes Leica M-mount lenses. It features manual controls for adjusting the shutter speed and aperture. It even requires the user to advance the “film lever” in order to take the next shot! If the price were a little lower (~$3K), I would definitely get this camera. It looks to be a great one for photojournalism. Carrying the Mark II around in Europe was both very heavy and very conspicuous.

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