It’s Halloween again in Clubertino! The kids (and their parents) were out in full force last night. Randy transformed the house into one of the coolest houses on the block. With black light and highlighters, he created a board on which the kids could write their names and costumes. Dressed in my Broken Sword costume, I handed out delectable treats to the likes of Spanish dancers, cheerleaders, Jason, Bushies, Superman, Spider-Man, deviled eggs, skeletons, and basketball players.

The kids seemed eager to come to our house, screaming things like, “Oh, let’s go to the purple house!” or “That’s soooo cool!” I fondly recall trick-or-treating in the past in my Army costume or V outfit. The kids started coming around 6:30 pm and the last ones knocked on our doors at 8:30 pm. Honestly, I don’t recall how long we used to stay out; question for everyone who trick-or-treater in the 80’s — how long did you stay out?

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