RT Halloween Party

Rotten Tomatoes held their annual Halloween party at Suede in San Francisco. Rae and I, with the help of super-seamstress Rae’s mom, transformed ourselves into the characters from Hero. With my long hair and 2-week mustache and goatee, I played the role of Tony Leung, a.k.a Broken Sword. Rae became Maggie Cheung, a.k.a. Flying Snow. Our group also included Jet Li (Stephen Wang) and Zhang Ziyi (Elaine Yu).

It was fun checking out everyone’s creative costumes. There was this one guy dressed up as Max Rebo from Return of the Jedi; until we got up close to him, we thought he was dressed up in a burkha! Raffi, Eric, James, and Kevin dressed up as characters from Dodgeball. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I thought James was trying to be Cobra Commander! Where’s Destro and the Baroness?

While we were standing out in line, we spied Wolverine with blue and green hair. It turned out it was Emilio! There were at least a dozen scantily clad butterfly/angel women. We’ve been watching this cartoon Venture Brothers on the Cartoon Network; I thought that they were all the Monarch’s henchwomen! Who’s going Doctor Girlfriend?

Near the end of the night, we found the VIP room, where we hung out for the rest of the night. Susan in Audition mode and Bryan from Aqua Teen Hunger Force were hiding out there with all the candy and water bottles. After a night of dancing, I fell asleep on Rae’s shoulder!

Tomorrow is Halloween! Take back the White House with our Treats for Kerry Halloween wrappers!

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