Super Bowl with No Cilantro

Congrats to the Patriots for winning their third Super Bowl in four years. I hated Pats back when they beat the Rams in 2002, but I have grown to respect and admire the team. Next year, however, no more championships for the New England/Boston area! I’m rooting for my — sing along now — San Diego Super Chargers! Rodney Harrison (a former Charger, mind you) should have been the MVP of the game. He had two interceptions and contributed big-time on an Eagle’s fumble. Props go out to T.O. as well; he played a heck of a game on his injured ankle.

I watched the game over at Dardy’s place. It was nice just the two of us, to be honest. Quiet with no distractions except for the stupid commerical or two… or three… geez, nearly all of the commercials were lame this year. My favorite was the Capital One Card commercial with all of the Marvel Superheroes.

I brought over two super wet burritos with carnitas from Los Charros on Castro Street. Our favorite!

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl with No Cilantro

  1. I was glad to see Deon Branch get it instead of Tom Brady. Defensive players, unfortunately, never get the award unless they have like 3 interceptions or are a big star already. Shame.

    I like the new site, btw! Very clean.

  2. syndromes

    Hey! I remember those burritos ;) Hah… my stomach is still hurting from them :>

    New content makes me a happy syndromes, so i’m happy to see you throwing up more after the redesign – Hooray redesign! :)

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