Weekend Wedding Photo Notes

Rae and I shot my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. We had a full schedule of shooting in multiple locations: Redwood Shores, Los Altos, and San Jose. On one hand, family weddings are good because you know pretty much everybody attending. On the other [photography] hand, they can be bad because you make sure you’ve photographed them all! Though my right hand was certainly beat at the end of the evening, it was worth it — everybody had a great time and the photos speak for themselves.

I borrowed a few lenses from Yuji and Harold. Rae made extensive use of the the 50/1.4 and the 135/2 on the 1D while I used on occasion the 24/3.5 TS-E. The tilt-shift lens can be difficult to use, but you can’t beat the results. I’m going to have to invest in the 24/50/90 TS-E lenses one of these days. Similarly, the 135/2 is an awesome telephoto prime which produces such lovely bokeh. As for the 50/1.4, I borrowed it because my copy is broken. Apparently, there’s a pin in the micro-USM motor which can be easily snapped. Gotta get it sent in for service at Horizon in Union City!

Big thanks out to Rae and my Mom for assisting in the wedding shoot, helping with lens selection, people posing, and backup shooting. I’m pretty happy with the way the photos turned out this weekend. Check them out for yourself!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wedding Photo Notes

  1. Very lovely photos. How many did you take in all?

    What flash do you use? I only have a Canon Digital Rebel (300d) but I am hoping to get a 20d after I get a flash and 135/2. I love my 50/1.8 to death.

    I’m a student photographer for a university newspaper and want to eventually take some more wedding photos. I am considering the 420ex, 550ex, and especially the Sigma EF 500 DG.

  2. Over a thousand images on the wedding day between two cameras. I used a 550EX and a 420EX. The 550 has a Stofen diffuser on it.

  3. Mancy

    Hi Adam,
    I couldn’t wait to see the pictures. they are wonderful !
    It has been very nice to meet you and your family.
    Warmest regards from Shanghai,

  4. Elias Safatli

    your photos as amazing.
    you are great at what you do.
    keep up the good work.

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