30 via 20

30 years old today. This age was not even remotely fathomable to me back in 1985 as I sat thinking about being 18 in front of my family’s Apple II computer. 8 years was long enough, but 20 years?!? Time to rewind the wayback machine to 10 years ago. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent… and guilty :)

3/10/95 — It’s 1:15 AM right now and I am talking to Randy right now. It’s 1:23 AM now and I just got off of the phone with Randy; I spent my birthday tonight with friends. I first went over to the Teahouse and Okada, talked with Nicole, and ate my three ramen; unfortunately, I couldn’t really taste the ramen because of my stuffed up nose. And, DS9 was preempted until 10:00, which was when the Teahouse was to open. Anyway, I watched Extreme and The History of Rock and Roll until it was time to go to the UCAA meeting; Tola was the only person in Stanford who remembered it was my birthday today. Wow… the meeting itself was pretty boring. Tola did tell everyone that it was my birthday. At least they didn’t sing the song or anything.

Hah! I remember cringing in those big A3C sofas as Tola announced it was my birthday. I was happy that people were congratulating me, but I was also afraid they would sing the happy birthday song!

The Teahouse as it was is long gone. Deep Space Nine is off the air, and Star Trek: Enterprise will soon be joining it. As much as I like Star Trek, I have not been able to watch the sh*t that passes for Star Trek today. The concepts for Voyager and Enterprise held promise, but their execution left much to be desired. The blame lies not in the actors, but in Rick Berman and Brannon Braga’s soiled hands! They absolutely have got to go!

Battlestar Galactica, penned by former DS9-veteran, Ronald Moore, shows how it’s really done!

After that, I went over to Arroyo to talk with I****. She was in her pseudo-pjs at the time. I asked her, “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to take a walk with me.” At first she said no, until I said that it was my birthday. She was surprised, even though I told her last year. After telling her, though, she got better dressed and walked with me. It was nice… oh yah, before I went to the Teahouse, I was in Okada, talking to Nicole about Teahouse management. Before that, though, I was talking with M***** in the computer cluster. She’s nice… and pretty, I think. Anyway, the conversation with I**** was about me turning 20 and being old… and lonely. It was pretty much a rehash of our earlier conversations, but it was still nice, I guess. We walked over to Hoover Tower and back. After getting back, I told her that M***** had some pictures to give her. She then asked me whether I thought if she was pretty. I told her that she was nice, but I**** said, “You didn’t answer the question.” I said yes, to which I**** said that she was gorgeous, saying that if she were a guy, she would like her. I wanted to say then that she, I**** that is, was pretty too, but I didn’t. I think M***** is pretty, and I would like to know her better, but she probably has a boyfriend already. I’ll ask I**** when I talk to her next whether or not she’s heard from her; that will be my priming question the other questions.

How many of those long evening walks did I take! Man, I was such a tool back then. Always trying to be the friend, thinking that was the way to a girl’s heart. If only I had known about the ladder theory and the Friend Zone as a frosh! That should required reading for incoming college students!

Anyway, it’s 1:30 AM now. After that, I wanted to see Randy. I looked everywhere for him, in Toyon twice, in the Eating Clubs, at the Terrace, in Meyer, at Tresidder, LAIR, and the Coffee House, but I couldn’t find him. Turns out that, when I was in Meyer Library, I made a fatal flaw. I saw this Asian walking into CDL and I wondered if Randy was in there. However, I said, “Nah, he’s probably not in there,” and kept walking on. Turns out, he was in there! Anyway… saw Mark Smith (not *that* Mark Smith) in Tresidder, Beatrice, and some others.

I definitely know where Randy is these days! In fact, he’s in the other room right now singing to himself!

I miss those nights when I said to myself, “Okay, no homework tonight, let’s just go out and see people!” I walked from library to library, study hall to study hall, just chatting with people and giving them a study break. 10 years later, it’s a lot harder to do, but that’s what instant messaging and cell phones are for, I guess. That’s all good and all, but it’s not the same as face-to-face conversation.

Went over to Twain before going back to the house and talked with most of the people; S**** and Leighton were both in bed, though I was able to talk with S****; talked also with Bobby, Oliver, Ale, and some others. C*****, however, was really cold to me. It was strange… maybe she was tired, but her attitude was just “get out of here.” Oh well… can’t wait forever, you know. I will talk to you later now… time to go to sleep. Goodnight.

Of all of these people in my life, whose paths continue to cross mine today? Oliver and Leighton are still in the area. I hear about M***** and I***** from time to time through other friends. I hear that Mark Smith got married and is a doctor now. I’ve lost track of Tola, Nicole, Ale, S*****, and Bobby.

College kids (they are kids, right?) are still going out on long walks, getting their hearts broken, and wondering how in the world it’s all going to work out for them. They’re probably thinking 10 years is an eternity. It’s a long time, yes, but believe me, the years go by faster and faster the older you get!

Rae keeps telling me that 30 is the new 20. I hope she’s right, because I really miss my 20’s!

15 thoughts on “30 via 20

  1. Happy Birthday, Adam

    As I told my fiancee who turned 30 last month, “It only gets better with time.”


  2. Adam! Happy 30th birthday! I hope you have a great day!!!! Cyn says hi! :)

  3. syndromes

    Happy Bday wishes from the homeland as well :)

    I owe you a non-masculine hug next time I see you! ;)

    PS – Good call on Battlestar Galactica! Best sci-fi series i’ve seen in a long time.

  4. sd

    Happy Birthday Adam. Age is just a number. It’s what you feel about those past 10 years that matters. I’m guessing you feel pretty good about them. Great time to be alive, isn’t it? Have an awesome day. :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Adam. I’m 40 now. But I really miss my 30’s, not 20’s!
    I guess you will say the same words as I said :-)

  6. EggRollMonster

    Happy Birthday young man. Life has just begun.

    Warmest wishes,

  7. Have an excellent 30th. I always choose to look ahead. New directions and ideas.

    I can say I’m enjoying my 30s more than my 20s. If my head was where I am today in my 20s. I’d probably have enjoyed it more. Granted theres not alot my 30s left.

    Sounds like you’ve got everything under control anyway.

  8. Got mine in first on the previous update!! Time zone differences have affected it though. I posted just after 12am on the 9th Adam – once again have a great 30th!

  9. jim

    A very happy birthday to you Adam!

    See you this weekend… when you can wish *me* a happy birthday. :)

  10. Petrice

    Been there, done that. Thirty’s a stepping stone to greater things. Keep moving, don’t get into stagnant water, and make as big a splash as you want. I have faith that you’ll conquer the rapids of 30 with as much grace & joy as you always do.

  11. Roger Kelley

    Happy Birthday, Adam, if a little late! One Hundred Ten more!

  12. Hi dear, still remember me? I am auntie Chris from Hong Kong, didn’t talk to you for a long time.
    Have a happy birthday!! (Even it is a bit late :-P)
    30 is wonderful~ enjoy it~

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