LaserJet 6MP Resucitated

My trusty LaserJet 6MP, which had stopped working over three weeks ago, has finally been resucitated. Who knows how much longer it will work, but I’m happy that I can now print again from my Macs.

I originally thought that the source of the problem was the Farallon iPrint Ethernet Adapter. This devices makes a LocalTalk-compatible printer available to an Ethernet network. Though the printer works using Parallel, IrDA, and direct LocalTalk connections, it doesn’t work using the iPrint (either via a wireless or wired Ethernet connection). The strange thing is that not all functions of the iPrint have stopped working; I used it last night to transfer files from the 180 over to a Lombard PowerBook. The 180 doesn’t have an Ethernet port, so I connected it to the iPrint and was able to access its AppleShare using the Lombard in OS 9.

As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. After searching on the Internet, I came across my solution. LPD-Win allows me to use a Windows box as a LPD printer server on my Ethernet network. The printer attaches to the computer via the Parallel port, LPD-Win runs on the PC, and I’m able to connect via LPD/LPR printing on my Mac. Best of all is LPD-Win is free. I don’t have to buy another iPrint, a commercial/shareware LPD print server, nor a new printer (yet). Woo hoo!

2 thoughts on “LaserJet 6MP Resucitated

  1. Ben

    Adam what’s probably happened is that the IP address assigned to your printer from the iPrint changed leading to it becoming invisible or not working as it did.

    If you use the tools on your router’s DNS and the ‘arp’ unix tool you can set it up to have a static address and print to it reliably using the MacOS X LPD tools. See http://localhost:631


  2. After reading your response, I dug up the iPrint from my to-be-recycled box and replugged everything in. Magically, the printer is being recognized again! If it goes on the fritz again, I’ll set it up with its own static IP. Thanks!

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