Cindy's Something-Something Party

Last Saturday, Rae and I attended Cindy’s something-something birthday party at her place in Santa Clara. We had come from San Jose, where we saw film Year of the Yao, a documentary covering the first year of Yao Ming’s career in the NBA. It’s hitting theaters nationwide at the end of April. Though the documentary didn’t really tell me anything that I didn’t already know about Yao Ming, it was entertaining and well-paced.

Cindy, Chris, Jay, and Eunice sure had a bevy of delectable treats for their guests at the house! It’s too bad we had Japanese food right after the film, or I would have been a locust to the samosas and egg rolls! Yummy!

The party felt more like a Stanford Reunion than a birthday party! I ran into a bunch of people whom I haven’t seen in years, like Vivian C., Steve C., and Marc T. It’s always neat to see how my circle of friends intersects with everyone else’s. I didn’t know that Cindy, Marc, Munira, and Ken Ho were in the same draw group! That means I probably saw Cindy if and when she came to Xanadu for lunches/dinners sophomore year!

And so, another from the class of ’97 has crossed the threshold into the 30’s. Who’s next up to bat?

And now for the photos from the weekend. Happy Birthday, Cindy!

2 thoughts on “Cindy's Something-Something Party

  1. ann

    where’d did they get the birthday cake? What kind is it? It looks great.

  2. Well, happy birthday and congratulations. I saw Yao’s movie too, and I really liked it. I’, a big fan of this Rocket’s player. He is just amazing!!

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