Here’s to second chances!

Alex has been using NetNewsWire for a couple of years now and is a big fan of the Mac OS X newsreader. Though I used it for a little bit, I found myself going back to the browser and my list of bookmarks to read news. Recently, my list of sites had grown too long and unmangeable, prompting me to give NetNewsWire a second chance. It’s paid off, as I now use the app to keep me up-to-date with the latest news.

As much as I’m on the bleeding edge of technology, I sometimes have a hard time changing my ways and letting go of the old. I was using version 1 of NNN until just a few days ago (2.0 has been in beta for over a year). Now I’m kicking myself for not having switched earlier! I held off for the longest time switching to a real CMS for the site. Though I had coded up RSS support in the earlier version of my site, I got infinitely better support when I switched over to WordPress.

1 thought on “NetNewsWire

  1. With 60+ websites I’d like to keep tabs on, NetNewsWire is an amazing tool. Let’s skip or dig deep for my daily news.

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