Waiting for the Red-Eye

Last night, I had dinner with Eric, Geoff and Livia at Gordon Biersch in downtown Palo Alto. With their jet-set lifestyles, it’s hard to keep up with these people! Eric just returned from French Polynesia, and Geoff and Livia were going to take a red-eye flight to Houston later in the evening.

I brought the Digital Rebel XT to Eric. Like me, he’s planning on using it as a walkaround camera to replace the big and bulky 1D.

The food was tempting, but I resisted as I’m working my way into fighting trim for the wedding. I have added a little bit of running to my schedule, in addition to cycling. I never would have thought to string up the laces again, but it is a good way to raise the heart rate and burn the calories!

1 thought on “Waiting for the Red-Eye

  1. oh wow! congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

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