Steven's Graduation Party

What began years ago will soon come to an end: Steven Kam, JD. All that’s left now is the Bar exam in July. Then, we shall all bow down to Judge Drea… err… Judge Kam!

Last night, friends celebrated with Steven at Everett and Jones BBQ in Oakland’s Jack London Square. The place was packed, with live blues music blaring and Road House playing on the TV. The ribs, beef brisket, links, and BBQ chicken took some time in coming, but when they did, they were quickly devoured. I think the Viennasaur was outshined by the Furious Georgeasaurus; he was lightning fast when the food arrived!

In taking photos during the evening, I noticed that lawyers have this secret hand motion thing going on. Check out fellow lawyers Felicia and Steven as they instruct us in the fine art of persuasion!

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