Wedding Bells

Just one more day to the big day. I’m not nervous, but I am slightly stressed with all of the work that remains to be done! Still, with friends and family helping, things will surely run smoothly tomorrow.

In case you haven’t seen them already, we’ve produced six different invitations for the wedding. Props out to Joon-Mo, Randy, Levi, and Vanessa for helping with the various photoshoots over the past several months! Which one is your favorite?

Once the dust has settled from the wedding, we’ll be posting a behind-the-scenes look at some of our wedding preparations. Now, I understand how much of a major production planning a wedding can be!


45 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. syndromes says:

    Hahaha, you guys crack me up with your posters :)

    Anyhew, congrats to you and Rae! I’ll be there in spirit – if any disco music is played, just think of me busting out on the dance floor ;)

    Again, congratulations and enjoy the wedding you two :)

  2. sd says:

    Hilarious! I love it. The first ‘wedding’ poster is just rad, and the ‘cupertino’ one is great too. They all are very creative, you guys look great! Enjoy your special day guys!

  3. With wedding invites of that calibre, I’m sure your wedding will be a smash hit ?

    Congratulations and best wishes for the new journey ahead.

    What no Star Wars themed invite ?

  4. David Lindquist says:

    Hey Adam,
    Congratulations! I haven’t visited your site in ages, and had no idea you were getting married. Best wishes to you and you soon-to-be wife!

  5. I was just referred to your site a couple of weeks ago, so we certainly haven’t met yet.

    But congratulations!

    And those poster/invites are very creative — awesome!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! Now you are a sHeMan! I thinks I like the Couching Tiger & Hidden Dragon & Casablanca. Now I remember those poses I saw at your house. Good Job!
    Congratulations Again and many happy returns.

  7. Alex (beware of fake ones) says:

    I should be the first one posting comments here. Apparently I wasn’t.

    But hey wait…I have a perfect excuse. I was shooting a cheap-ass wedding in Milpitas on the 19th! So cheap that I had to feed myself at TK Noodle. I finally made up my mind – no more pro-bono job! Because it hurts!

    After seeing your wedding invites…I almost wanted to get married. Yes, they are that good.

    My vote goes to….all of them, but in the following order with the favorite on top:
    – Crouching Tiger
    – Casablanca
    – Top Gun
    – Gold Finger

    If and when I have my wedding…you must produce my wedding invites, at least. No need to say who the photographer has to be.

  8. Chris says:

    hey guys – fantastic wedding invites / posters. we were thinking of doing something similar for ours – any hints / tips you can offer (particularly on the artwork for a someone not too good at IT design!)


    Chris, UK

  9. Probably best thing is to hire a photographer who has some graphic design experience. Show them photos of movies that you want to reproduce and s/he should be able to do the rest!

  10. Zara says:

    Hi there,

    You’re wedding invites were just awesome..could you please send me some links to sedn me in the right direction to getting some invites like these made for my wedding next year.

    Did you hire your own photographer or did the invitation design house take the pictures and design the cards as well..


  11. That is a great wedding invitation. I like the first one and also the title top groom. hehe.

    May your dreams come true,


    Check out my site, it contains some great wedding information, I hope it will help you with your great wedding.

  12. Krissy says:

    Those are some of the coolest wedding invitations I’ve ever seen. My husband and I where married almost three years ago and we considered going the route you guys did with your invitations but due to a very limited budget and time constraints we were not able to do this.

    Now I am pregnant with our first child and we actually have a bit more money than we did previously so we are considering getting birth announcements in the same vain as your invitations. I’d also love to do something like this with our family Christmas cards. My family has a pretty outrageous sense of humor so this would be a lot of fun.

  13. Great Invitations. Very creative!
    I am a Photographer in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida, and I loved the idea of these invitations.
    Great Job!


  14. becky says:

    I was looking around the internet for some ideas on unique wedding invitations and stumbled across your site. These are awesome! My husband and I are both movie buffs and had I know that something like this was out there available to brides and grooms to be, I know that we would have jumped at the opportunity to do something like this. All of our friends would have eaten this type of thing up since they’re into movies like we are. Kudos to some fine invitations!

  15. Mitch says:

    What font did you use for the “Cupertino” text? I am doing the same kind of photo (for my own wedding invitations!) and I need a Casablanca-styled font. I’ve already found a few, but I’m curious to know which one you used.

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