I have a confession to make. My lips have never tasted beer. Heck, for the longest time, I didn’t even know that beer was carbonated!

After the wedding, we’ve got all these drinks — Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, Pepsi liters, and Riesling wine — left lying around the house. Somehow, a couple six-packs of Miller Genuine Draft found their way into our kitchen. Until today, the closest I got to drinking beer was having it spilled on me during various house and frat parties I attended in college.

Gross, this stuff smells nasty; I can’t imagine what it tastes like! One day, I’ll drink my first beer. It’ll probably be when I visit either Ireland or Germany. Yeah, a stout Irish or German beer for my first time! Until then, Randy and I will the let my camera enjoy the high life of MGD.

7 thoughts on “Beer

  1. Ugandan Lad

    Never tasted beer? You do not know what you are missing, man! :-)

  2. Irene

    Poor unimbibed beer! Homer would be pulling out the few hairs he has left.
    Ice cold beer is perfect on a sweltering day — really hits the spot.
    Maybe you should try beer with some food. There are also some foods that a better accompanied by beer than wine — burgers, pizza, Japanese food, fried foods, BBQ….

  3. Steve S.

    Wait…you went all the way through college and never tasted a beer? How can that be?

  4. Steve

    I would tend to agree that, unless you’re underage, you should save your first beer to be something good. Ah, a nice hefeweizen on a hot summer day…

  5. Wine and mixed drinks, yes, but for some reason, I just avoided beer!

  6. Don’t sweat it Adam. I’m alchohol free too! You’ll live longer! :)

  7. While I can’t empathize with your lifestyle choice, I commend you for not beer-devirginizing yourself with MGD swill.

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